28 Jan

Vision Board Party 2024

Hosted by: hardik


Join women from all walks of life at the Vision Board Party 2024, hosted by Women for Women S.A and Lydia ThaPoet Shongwe. This enchanting event will take place on SAT, 27 JAN at 23:00 PST, promising a transformative expedition of self-discovery. Guided by wise mentors, participants will unlock their hidden potential and refine their skills to perfection. Through daily affirmations and the art of manifestation, you’ll create a vision board showcasing your exceptional abilities. Together with your fellow sisters and innate magic, prepare to soar to unprecedented heights of success. Tickets available on Instagram at womenforwomen_sa. Don’t miss out on this empowering gathering of like-minded women. RSVP by 10/12/23. For more information, contact Lydia at +27 (65) 977 2593 or send a WhatsApp enquiry to +27 (61) 071 7782. Elevate yourself and embrace the power of your vision!

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