04 Nov

BEARS Trailer Trash Bash

Hosted by: hardik


Join us at Rara’s Pta on November 4th for the BEARS Trailer Trash Bash. Break out your mullet wigs and wife-beater shirts, it’s time to have a joll y’all! This event promises lots of fun and games, including the chance to win the title of Best Dressed King and Queen of Trash. The festivities kick off at 8:00 AM UTC+02, so make sure to mark your calendars. The venue, located at 642 Meyer Street, Wonderboom-South in Pretoria, South Africa, provides a lively backdrop for this unique gathering. Please note that this event is not suitable for persons under the age of 18.

The BEARS Trailer Trash Bash is organized by Chris Taute, Gerhard Schoonraad, and three others. To find out more about the event and connect with the organizers, visit the event page on Facebook. While tickets are not mentioned, interested attendees can reach out to the organizers for further information.

So, put on your best trailer trash attire and head over to Rara’s Pta for a day of laughter and camaraderie. This event is sure to be a hit among those looking for a unique and entertaining experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to join in on the fun!

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