What The Future Holds For Game Development

The video game industry is one of the fastest growing entertainment sectors. This particular line of business used to occupy a relatively small niche not so long ago, but its revenues now rival those of television and film.

One of the reasons video games are becoming increasingly popular is because the biggest video game production houses continue to transform the sector in terms of technology used, types of games and genres of gameplay. You can always rely on the gaming industry to keep gamers interested through new releases, innovations and technology. Keep reading to learn about some of the biggest advancements that are due to be introduced in the next decade.

Mixed Reality Gaming

Augmented reality and virtual reality, or AR and VR, have been discussed for a long time. If you played any of the early AR or VR games, you would know how awkward, clunky and at times nauseating the experience was when playing these games. AR and VR have come a long way since those early days and are continually improving.

Some gaming critics are predicting that AR will become more widely accepted and played than VR. VR involves strapping uncomfortable, wrap-around goggles to your face, which block out the rest of the world. This feeling of isolation and vulnerability can make many people feel very uncomfortable and unsafe, particularly if they are playing a new game that is frightening or overwhelming. AR, on the other hand, allows players to mix games with reality and creates a blend of the two, which is much more appealing, safe and inclusive for many players.

It has been suggested that in order to really succeed in the market, VR technology will need to develop superior haptic sensors to improve the ‘real feel’ of the gaming experience. Haptic or kinaesthetic technology creates the experience of touch by applying forces, vibrations and other motions to the user. Haptic technology is in the process of being developed for VR, but it remains in the research and development phase of production.

Online Casinos and Digital Gambling

Online gambling is another form of gaming that is set to make strides in the future. The online gambling industry exploded in popularity over the course of the last 10 years and has continued to grow in acceptance as the online casino platforms offer safe and secure gambling options.

In fact, the industry is now so popular that it can be difficult for both novice and veteran gamblers to find the right online casino for them. Thankfully, you can find the best casinos online at OnlineCasinosOnline.co.za, ranked and reviewed according to their popularity, the games available on each platform and the registration bonuses available for players.

The online casino industry appears ready to continue with its expansion. It looks as though AR and VR technology will also be introduced to the online gambling world and allow players to experience any glamorous casino in the world – or in history – while playing their favourite casino games.

Computer Gaming at internet cafe

Greater Cultural Impacts

Video games have started to win major film awards and some have even been featured in film festivals. Gaming graphics have become incredibly detailed and beautiful, and that, paired with the nuanced, intricate narratives in many games has led to the acceptance of video games as a valuable form of cultural output.

Games such as Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and That Dragon, Cancer feature complex narratives and plot lines that explore difficult, complicated matters such as mental health struggles and grief. Games like these have grown in popularity and received many awards, highlighting the space in the industry for games that provide a unique, at times difficult, but unforgettable gaming experience.

Social Gaming and Streaming

Over the course of the last year, global events led to people staying at home and feeling more isolated than ever. This is where social gaming and streaming stepped in. There are many different types of social gaming available for players who can meet up online to talk and perform tasks or quests with one another.

Streaming is likely to become increasingly popular as more and more people enjoy the fun, collaborative aspect of gaming. It has also attracted significant interest – for example, streamers on platforms such as Twitch stream their gameplay while providing commentary, joking and talking with fans. The most popular streamers are also able to develop followings of loyal, interested fans and have in fact become minor celebrities. As the communities continue to grow, it is likely that the influence of streamers will grow with them.

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