Use Your OTT Voucher to Top Up Your Jambo Talk Account

Thanks to the exciting new partnership between OTT 4 Me and Jambo Talk, you can make fast and affordable international calls, and top up your data even if you don’t own a bank account.

Using VoIP technology, the international calling app Jambo Talk connects families and loved ones all around the world securely and affordably. 

Jambo Talk makes it easy to connect – the recipient of your call does not need to be registered on Jambo Talk to take your call or even have the app installed on their phone. What’s more, Jambo App connects to mobile, landlines and even standard phones. You can call anyone, any time, with no limitations.

Now, you can top up your Jambo App credits whenever you want using a digital cash voucher from OTT 4 Me. Here, we show you how. 

How to top up your Jambo Talk account using OTT Voucher

OTT 4 Me digital cash vouchers allow millions of South Africans to access the online economy without the need for a bank account. Essentially, the OTT digital cash voucher lets you take your cash online. 

When you buy an OTT Voucher with cash, the value of your purchase is stored in the voucher, like airtime. Each OTT Voucher slip comes with a unique 12-digit PIN. Using this PIN, you can deposit the value of the voucher you bought into a variety of online accounts with partnering merchants. 

The partnership between OTT 4 Me and Jambo Talk now means that you can top up your credit on the app using cash. All you need to do is take the following steps:

  1. Buy an OTT Voucher. OTT 4 Me is available from 150, 000 retail stores across South Africa. This includes local spazas, tuck shops, convenience stores, and household names like Game, Makro, Boxer and Sasol.
  2. Open the Jambo Talk app on your device.
  3. Navigate to the Top Up section on the app. 
  4. Choose the option to top up your account using OTT Voucher. 
  5. Enter the unique 12-digit PIN from your voucher slip
  6. Your credit will instantly reflect in your Jambo Talk account

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you call a landline with Jambo Talk?

Yes, using the Jambo Talk app you can make calls to landlines, mobile phones and even standard phones. 

Can I load credit on Jambo Talk with a voucher?

Yes, Jambo Talk has partnered with OTT 4 Me to allow users to load credit using a digital cash voucher. This enables you to load credit using cash, and you don’t need a bank account to use an OTT Voucher. 

Where can I call on Jambo Talk?

With Jambo Talk, you can make both local and international calls

How do I load data using OTT Voucher?

When you buy an OTT Voucher, you will receive a unique 12-digit voucher PIN. You can load credit using this PIN, just as you would with airtime.

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