Creating the Perfect Wedding

We've created a special section in our business directory, dedicated to all the things the wedding bells entail. You can find that special venue, sort out your photographer, stationery, flowers and décor, catering, the beautiful dress and other services. Click here to start planning now!

Dinner and a Show

That classic date combo! We are privileged to have a wide array of theatre styles to choose from – intimate theatre experiences, such as Pierneef Theatre or Die Blou Hond; the fancy Atterbury theatre, conveniently situated in the Lynnwood Bridge with its impeccable restaurant selection; or the classic option of the Brooklyn Theatre. Pick your theatre and add your restaurant!

Lynnwood Bridge

It's almost a year after the opening of this stylish lifestyle centre and there’s definitely something different to the vibe found in this piazza-style shopping hub. We would advise you start with dinner at Café Beyritz or Stephnie's, followed by a show at the Atterbury Theatre. And if you want to stretch the romance, book a room at the City Lodge.

Moonlight Horse Riding

Enjoy the magic of the sunset while gently trotting on horseback in the nature reserve enfolding the Voortrekker Monument. Found on the outskirts of the city centre, this familiar beacon has to be explored at least once in your Pretoria life-time. Cape Riding has incorporated a special moonlight picnic option with their outrides. If you enjoy the fresh air of the outdoors, but don’t want to travel too far, this is perfect for you.

Watch the sunset from atop the Magaliesberg

We have the oldest mountain range in the world on our doorsteps! The Magaliesberg is 100 times the age of the Himalayas. If you are looking for an inexpensive romantic moment, pack your own picnic basket and make the trek up the mountain from the Northern suburbs. Easy access from the Southern slope in the suburbs Waverley, Rietfontein and Wonderboom South, and from the Northern slope in Wonderboom, Magalieskruin and Montana Park.


The beginning of Summer not only means the end of cold weather but also welcomes the start of the "Wedding Season". We've sourced a few of the basic needs that you might encounter in your wedding planning, including catering, couture, photographers, stationery and other services. And of course one of the most important elements – the venue. We've grouped together the cream of the crop, browse through the venues to choose your ideal one.

A vintage car hire & romantic dinner

Sometimes you don't have to do something extravagantly romantic – you just need to add a special touch. Surprise that special someone with a chauffeured trip to a romantic destination in town. With Cars for Events you can choose between a wide range of Studebakers or Chevrolets, or if you're feeling flashy, book the Jacquard. Sit back and relax like a VIP on the backseat and steal a quick kiss to awaken the romantic passions! Our Wine and Dine listings will give you a few restaurant recommendations.

Customised Picnics

You love the idea of going on a romantic picnic, but you never quite know what to pack...

Enjoy a very original surprise, a picnic all set up for you to just indulge! Pick the spot, order your basket and create the cover-up story to get your romance victim to stumble onto the picnic site. Visit Dial a Picnic for more information.


Only for the brave, or the very curious speed-dating! SMARTdate is an agency specialising in this dynamic, unique way of meeting people. If you don't have time in your busy schedule to go on the hunt, open up one evening in your week, and you might get lucky... Hosted in a public restaurant and very discreet, you do not have to go through the pain of open rejection or the awkwardness of putting someone off. Details are only shared electronically afterwards for possible match-ups. So, be daring, try it out! Click here for more info.

Sun-downers at Sheraton Hotel

Sun-downers at Sheraton Hotel with Sushi, Oysters & Champagne and live music...Treat yourself like a VIP and walk into the Sheraton Hotel for sun-downers. A marquee tent will greet you, where the sushi and champagne stand ready and waiting for your enjoyment. If your social life feels stuck in a rut, round up a group of friends and deps the couch area for a different kind of wind-down to the weekend. (Or impress a special someone!) Reasonable prices, with secure parking at R8 per hour, join the sunset from 16:30 to 19:00.