Get Adventurous In Pretoria

With adventure fitness emerging as a youthful staple and as the new midlife crisis, never before has outdoor adventure sport been so copiously populated by such a wide diversity of South Africans. Pretoria is no exception and, luckily for residents, no slacker when it comes to outdoor activity venues that will make your blood pump and heart race.

Mountain Biking Trails In And Around Pretoria

Where does one start? Pretoria is really geared for mountain biking, and trails are copious, professionally laid out and a joy for novices and pros alike. There’s Buffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park, where cyclists can view a variety of game whilst cycling along their six trails, Hazeldean Valley Trails, where you’ll have a similar open air experience while kiddies can try their hand at things in a special separated area too (they have bikes and helmets for hire) and even Hennops MTB Trail, where you’ll find a few easy routes (and rentals) and a few tougher challenges.

Other great mountain bike trails rated in the top echelons are hosted at Wolvespruit Trail Park (some exciting dips and drops), Rosemary Hill (a beautiful, scenic working farm) and the Groenkloof Nature Reserve, where you can really imagine just how sad foreigners must feel not having this kind of exhilarating outdoor magnificence to cycle in. Pretoria is like a mountain biking paradise, so soak it up.

Other great trails include Fountains Valley Resort (with rocky trails up to the fort), those around the Voortrekker Monument and X-Trax, more geared towards developing technical skills on the trail, but loads of fun and well worthwhile for any level.


Join the baboons of the Magaliesburg in getting your kicks in the mountainous terrain – ziplining is a rush few who haven’t tried it will understand. Magaliesberg Canopy Tour is the default outfit for a truly elevated, wholesale experience. Look at their website if you want to feel intimidated before you go! The exposure is breathtaking and very real. Well organised, safe and experienced – this is the ultimate rush for anyone who wants to float like a bird. There’s also ziplining on offer in Cullinan, as well as Acrobranch, where arboreal adventures that include ziplining are always on offer.


Saddle Creek Adventures in Hekpoort has become known for many exciting activities, but archery here is probably the best route for a novice to get into things. Demanding a focus and concentration unlike other more boisterous activities, archery is, as the owners point out, one of the few surviving ancient martial arts to persist to the present day. If you’ve ever wondered what twanging an arrow into that bullseye feels like, this is the venue to give it a whirl.


With all the paintball ranges that dot Pretoria, it’s a wonder we don’t see more paint-splatted people walking around the mall afterwards! CryWolf is making a name for itself as a dedicated venue that supplies a wide variety of top level guns and  kit, there’s Gotcha, which is also well laid out and dedicated to you blasting your friends and associates with abandon, as well as AWOL Paintball, another very well laid out venue.

Warzone Paintball is big on space, allowing a team to have extensive fun picking off their mates, and Lightning Fast Paintball are dedicated paintball nuts too, catering for lazy fun among friends or more serious challenges in the field.

Indoor Climbing And Bouldering

Two names dominate this arena around Pretoria, and for good reason. The Climbing Barn has been up and running for some time now, and they cater for newbies and serious rock nuts alike. Gear is available to hire and expertise is always on hand. If you think indoor climbing with mats beneath you wouldn’t be scary, try some of their more challenging routes – new respect will emerge.

Rock Valley Climbing in Centurion is another indoor venue where novices and fanatics can congregate. Well organised and committed, this venue is also gaining in popularity as an exercise and climbing skills development center.


If all of the above still doesn’t get your heart racing and you’re the kind of person who enjoys staring death in the eye and making him blink, there’s always jumping out of a plane. For skydiving in and around Pretoria, some reputable companies offer thrills for those who don’t mind packing an extra pair of undies. Skydive Pretoria is a professional outfit with a long history of helping Pretorians find a new appreciation for life, and here you’ll get tandem dives and copious instruction.

SA Skydive will get learners free falling in a heartbeat (you’ll skip several of those), and all skydiving services typically offer once-off as well as repeat options to those who want to pursue things further. If you really want to make it your thing, once in the fraternity, you’ll be able to get the lowdown on local jump options all around Pretoria. Remember to take a selfie!


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