Gaming Phones: Should You Take the Plunge?

It may seem like an odd concept right now to the average smartphone user, but gaming-specific smartphones are poised to dominate the tech industry over the next 12 months.
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An Overview of the Industry

Last year, the mobile gaming sector experienced an unprecedented boom and now takes up almost half of the worldwide gaming market. It brought in an enormous US$86.3billion in revenue in 2020 compared to console gaming’s much smaller amount of US$51.2billion, and attracted millions of new consumers in the process. It is now estimated that there will be 3 billion gamers playing globally as soon as 2023, meaning that mobile gaming looks set to grow even bigger and better as the year progresses.

Mobile Gaming IRL

So, how does this translate to the average person’s lifestyle? Well, up until now most people have accessed mobile games via their standard smartphone, whether that be a flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra or a more modest model like the A51. And whereas once upon a time mobile gaming had little choice or variety, all that has changed in recent years. For example, the global phenomenon, Pokémon Go, introduced AR (augmented reality) gaming to the public at large. By encouraging the player to interact with their existing environment via their smartphone screen, the game created a sensation which means that it’s still popular five years after its initial release.

In another area, the mobile iGaming market now has hundreds of different titles and styles to choose from whilst still maintaining the appeal of every well-loved traditional table game. Platforms like curate a list of reviewed and recommended mobile casinos compatible with any smartphone or tablet. This makes it simple for anyone with a smartphone to access licensed, regulated online casinos available in their area. With exclusive bonuses and promotions on offer to mobile customers, along with easy payment options and the best security measures in place, mobile is now a very appealing way to play for many enthusiasts.

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Professional Preferences

But what about the pros? How are they playing mobile games? Dedicated mobile gamers have already been investing in custom-made gaming smartphones for years, with some of the most popular brands being ASUS ROG, OPPO and Razer. As mobile gaming has become more popular, the demand for these specialist devices has gone up and established smartphone brands have started getting in on the action too. Lenovo, for example, recently launched their first gaming phone, the Legion Phone Duel, and Xiaomi are still doing well with their Black Shark sub-brand.

The average smartphone user is now starting to look with interest at all the perks that come as standard with a dedicated gaming phone. A higher screen refresh rate, more powerful CPU, larger RAM, more powerful battery, and the list goes on. As demand continues to increase and gaming phones are developed by a greater number of manufacturers, they will become more available to the general public. The question is whether there is any point in investing in one if you’re not a pro gamer.

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Is It Worth It?

Look at it this way: gaming phones are where all the big developments are being made these days. Whereas Apple and Samsung are looking to sell handsets that appeal to a wide audience for a range of different uses, brands which are developing gaming phones have more space to really develop specific features. Luckily, these include globally desirable details like 144Hz screens, 6000mAh batteries and Snapdragon 865 Plus CPUs. As gaming phones test the limits of what is possible with the current technology, these features start to slowly leak through into mass market smartphones and eventually become standard issue.

The main reasons to purchase a gaming phone are for a better regular gaming experience and to be able to access all of the top specs right now, rather than waiting for them to appear on mainstream handsets. A gaming phone is guaranteed to keep up with your hours-long session playing Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG whereas your iPhone 12 might give up the ghost after just 60 minutes. The latest titles are never going to look as good or function as well on your budget iPhone SE, whereas the Nubia Red Magic 5G will offer a truly immersive experience.

At the end of the day, mobile gaming is here to stay so if that’s something you’re interested in, it’s certainly worth investing in the appropriate hardware sometime soon.

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