Wedding Planners in Pretoria

The sheer amount of decisions, arrangements, logistics and paperwork involved in planning a wedding is enough to send the most relaxed bride into a tizzy. Want to keep yourself cool, calm and collected? Hire one of these professional wedding planners to take care of the nitty-gritty and ensure things run smoothly on your special day.

Meet Image Consultant And Boutique Owner Elzaan Van Der Merwe

Elzaan van der Merwe is a successful designer, image consultant, businesswoman, motivational speaker and the owner of Mamilla Fashions in Irene Village Mall. With a knack for designs that make women feel beautifully comfortable – and celebrities like Afrikaans rock star Karen Zoid, actress Pulane Sekepe singing sensation Corlea Botha on her client list – she knows her styling stuff. We chatted with her about her personal journey and future plans for the Mamilla brand.

Where To Donate Your Old Clothes

Taking time to sort out your wardrobe is a win-win: it declutters your closet and, if you donate your unwanted clothes to charity, it can really make a difference to someone in need. Here’s a list of local charities that need clothing donations, so what are you waiting for? Clean out your cupboard and make a difference!

Homemade Baby Food Businesses In Pretoria

Every mom wants to give her baby the best. With the mounting research on the dangers of preservatives as well as rising food allergies in infants, homemade baby food seems to be the best option. Let’s be honest, preparing baby food at home is time-consuming and places an enormous amount of pressure on already overwhelmed moms. So, whether you’re a crunchy mom or, like the rest of us, simply don’t have the time, check out these homemade baby food businesses here in Pretoria.

Motorbike Events to Kick Your Spring Into Gear

When it comes to fun-filled biker events where the engines never stop revving, South Africa has it all--from laid-back gatherings with a focus on family-friendly activities, to more explosive rallies where the smell of burning fuel lingers.