Home Décor And Design Stores Around Brooklyn

If you’re shopping for elegant décor, sophisticated interiors or furniture with flair, Brooklyn is a good place to start. With quite a few home décor and design retailers in Brooklyn Mall, as well as in the surrounding area, you’ll find there’s a range of styles (and price tags) to choose from.

Luxury Accommodation Around Brooklyn

If you’re a discerning traveller looking for luxury accommodation, there are quite a few options in the Brooklyn area that definitely won’t disappoint.

High-Rise Living In Pretoria

Coming home after a hard day’s work and having a drink while enjoying the scenic view from your stoep is pretty much the South African dream. Generally the best views are offered from high-rise apartment buildings or waterfront properties – two things Pretoria doesn’t offer its residents. Yet.

Bold Light Fixtures And Where To Get Them

In case you missed it, bold light fixtures are the talk of the town in the design world this season. Don't get left behind – add a little drama to your living space with a piece that makes a statement. Not sure where to get one? Have a look at the stores listed below.

Fashion Designers In Pretoria

Pretoria is home to some of South Africa’s leading fashion designers. With their designs front and centre at well-known fashion soirées such as SA Fashion Week and Design Indaba, and stocking the most exclusive stores countrywide, we decided to take a closer look at a few of the Jacaranda City’s trendsetting designers.