Outdoor Exercise In PTA

Two things usually signal the end of winter: a spring-cleaning frenzy and people trying to get in shape for swimwear season. If you’re in the latter category but not really the gymming type, why not try one of these outdoor exercise options?

Stargazing Across The Country

Living in the city genuinely makes it difficult to see and appreciate the beauty of the night sky. At best, we see the brightest and closest stars to our beloved planet earth, but what about the hundreds of thousands of millions and even billions of other stars out there in the galactic cosmos? We think it's time for a little stargazing adventure... 

Alpha True Craft Breaks The Mould And Mixes Things Up

As the craft beer and cider phenomenon continues to take hold around the world, a new local player, Alpha True Craft, is looking to mix things up.

Five Minutes With Lauren De Swardt, Owner Of Kids Emporium


We got to chat to Lauren De Swardt, founder of Kids Emporium, the loved kids' boutique with franchises around the country, and this is what she had to say…

Picnic Spots in Pretoria


Whether you need to entertain the kids, impress your special someone or spoil your grandparents with a special outing, a picnic is always a good idea. Pack some finger foods, a fluffy blanket and try out one of these picnic spots in and around Pretoria. Don’t forget the sunscreen!