Pretoria’s Choices Best Butcheries and Meat Shops

‘Where do you buy meat?’ This is a question people often ask friends and family members, because, as South Africans, we tend to be passionate about our meat and our biltong. So, let’s see which butcheries and meat shops come out tops. 

Uitkyk Vleismark – Silverton

This one seems to be a favourite among people I know. Uitkyk is prized for its good quality meat and reasonable pricing. They also have delicious biltong for you to enjoy. A lot of people also love the fact that Uitkyk offers an array of cakes and other baked goodies (for those who have an undeniable sweet tooth) and a variety of produce.  Have a party this weekend? Here you can cover the dessert, braai meat and salad in one spot.

Hokaai Meat Market – Faerie Glen

A lot of my friends praise this butchery for their braai packs, but apart from that they offer good quality meat of all cuts. Hokaai has a variety of biltong choices for you to try, and sometimes sell some pre-packed biltong gift packs for that birthday you just remembered. You can also find a ‘babalas mix’ biltong – an interesting experience for your taste buds. Our top tip? The bulk specials are something to look out for.

Best Butcheries and Meat Shops


We seem to be living in the age where free range is king. This has made Woolies a popular choice for meat among many in Pretoria. With a range of premium quality meat, chicken and ostrich seem to be popular buys at Woolworths. Not quite in the mood to roll your own frikkadels? Guess who sells them pre-rolled and ready to go? They also supply tasty wood-smoked bacon (some pre-spiced). But if you’re not a big fan of pork, fear not. They also sell chicken rashers – so you don’t have to feel left out at breakfast anymore.

Groenkloof Butchery

Looking for tasty boerewors? Head to Groenkloof Butchery and try out Eddie Van Niekerk’s award-winning wors. While you’re there, try out their sosaties and biltong as well. From what I hear, it’s well worth a taste. The bonus is that there are two branches: one in Groenkloof and another in Gift Acres.

Tileba Meat Market

If you’re in the northern parts of Pretoria, Tileba Meat Market is definitely worth a visit. This meat market has been praised for its friendly service and quality meat. Looking for yummy pork ribs or a well-cut steak? This may be the place you’ve been looking for.


With a seal of approval from the South African Chefs Association, it's no wonder this is a popular choice. Checkers has been praised for their exquisite pork cuts and their wide variety of steak cuts. And there’s the fact that they’ve been voted South Africa’s number one boerewors. Here you can find venison all year round, so you game lovers won’t be left out. And don't forget to give their chicken, pork, and lamb sosaties a try (so many flavours to choose from). Their website also offers braai tips and a blog dedicated to knowing your meat – dedication or what?

By Tilana De Wachter