Escape Pretoria Without Leaving The City

Work, gym, traffic jams, construction and swarms of people... City life can be slightly overwhelming at times. And it can be tough to find a breath of fresh air. But it might be simpler than you think. We’ve found a place where you might forget that you’re still smack dab in the middle of suburbia – Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve offers a quaint escape for the modern city dweller.    

Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve can be found in the Pretoria East suburb of Moreletapark. It boasts stunning wildlife, lush flora and the tranquil sounds of nature, allowing you to feel as though you are somewhere else entirely.

The reserve opens at 6am every day and closes at 6pm. You won’t even have to tighten your belt to enjoy the reserve as entry is free! As you make your way into the parking area, you’ll note some rustic white buildings, some trail signs and information, and an expanse of scenery waiting to be explored.

There are various marked trails throughout the reserve that are perfect for runners and hikers. But you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to enjoy them – they're also perfect for leisurely strolls. There are benches scattered along the route, so you can catch your breath or simply sit back and enjoy your surroundings. A part of the reserve even sports a wheelchair friendly route.

So, perhaps swap your morning treadmill session for a run in nature before a long day at work. Or take a quick stroll to clear your head after facing the perils of your nine to five. You can even just pop by for a sundowner at the on-site restaurant, Rademeyers.

The game on the reserve includes zebra, ostriches, bush buck, springbok and impala, among others.  You’ll find these guys doing their thing as you make your way through the reserve. You might also come across a few tortoises if you have a keen eye. Luckily, you don’t always have to be on your feet to see these animals. The zebra and ostriches are known to be around the pond in view of the Rademeyers Restaurant. Other guests that frequent the restaurant include ducks, chickens, guinea fowl and cats. This is a great and fun way to introduce young children to various animals.

This gem also caters for all you bird lovers out there, so start dusting off your binoculars. You can hole up in the bird hide or walk around – either way, you're sure to enjoy an abundance of bird life found in the reserve.

And don't forget to bring along your camera, as there are amazing shots to be taken. The landscapes, wildlife, sunsets and sunrises all make for beautiful photos. This is also an ideal place to kick back and have a picnic – be it with the family or with that one special person.

There’s some good news for those who are not willing to let go entirely. Cell service tends to be available throughout the reserve, so you can keep in touch with the outside world, though this may depend on your service provider.

Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve is a great place to escape for a few hours and recharge. So, put on some comfy shoes and immerse yourself in nature.

Good things to know
  • The reserve does not allow bicycles or pets.
  • It’s always a good idea to bring along plenty of water.
  • Dress comfortably.
  • Don’t forget your wallet if you want to visit the restaurant

By Tilana de Wachter