Meet Mommy Influencer Laura-Kim Le Roux

Laura-Kim Le Roux is a mom to five children and owner of the successful parenting blog, Harassed Mom. She also recently opened up her home as a place of safety. Here’s what this inspiring Pretoria mommy had to say.

Tell us about your blog, Harassed Mom. 

Harassed Mom is a parenting blog about my personal journey from a single mom of two to a happily married mom of five! It is essentially an online journal of my experiences and hopefully a place where other like-minded moms can find some useful advice.

What inspired Harassed Mom? 

When I divorced my first husband, I was in dire need of an outlet and I started blogging. I have always loved writing. I wrote about my experiences while dating, of getting divorced and being a single mother.

What have you learnt about yourself through motherhood?

The more I learn, the less I seem to know. Motherhood has been an incredible journey, one I never expected to enjoy nearly as much as I am! I have developed enormous levels of patience, next-level negotiation skills, how to function on very little sleep and how the love you feel for your children truly knows no bounds.

What are some of the motherhood challenges you face on a daily basis?

TIME! TIME! AND TIME! Trying to make time for everyone and juggling so many things at once. When things run according to plan, everything usually works well but when a schedule change kicks in, someone gets sick or a meeting runs late, it’s complete chaos.

Tell us about your home being a place of safety.

We, as a family, decided to embark on this new adventure a few weeks ago. Being a place of safety entails providing an interim home for children who have been removed from their parents for whatever reasons. Our first baby arrived recently and he has added to the chaos but also to the joy and laughter in our home. Our household is not the wealthiest but we can offer these little ones a happy, loving, stable place to stay.

What are your favourite kids brands you think Pretoria moms must try?

BluBelle is an amazing clothing brand that was started up by a fellow Pretoria mom. Check it out!

We have always used NUK bottles and sippy cups – I really love their products. I am also a fan of the Brother Max brand available from Clicks.

Why do you love raising your kids in the Jacaranda City?

It is quiet but still offers its residents diversity. The string of embassies in our area has resulted in my kids going to school with children from all over the world and I cherish that kind of exposure as part of their upbringing. I think most people have a misconception of Pretoria as being a static, conservative city. I am white and my eldest children are coloured and after a decade of living in Pretoria we have never, as a family that crosses colour lines, felt anything but welcome.

What is the item you never leave the house without?

Wet wipes! Always wet wipes!



By Jana van der Linde