Homemade Baby Food Businesses In Pretoria

Every mom wants to give her baby the best. With the mounting research on the dangers of preservatives as well as rising food allergies in infants, homemade baby food seems to be the best option. Let’s be honest, preparing baby food at home is time-consuming and places an enormous amount of pressure on already overwhelmed moms. So, whether you’re a crunchy mom or, like the rest of us, simply don’t have the time, check out these homemade baby food businesses here in Pretoria.

Tummies Full of Love

Tummies Full of Love has made it their mission to enable busy mothers to serve a healthy, fresh plate of food to their children at an affordable price.

Tummies Full of Love meals are prepared in a home kitchen and do not contain any salt, sugar or preservatives. Extreme care is taken to ensure that baby meals are made to the highest quality and hygienic standards possible. The veggies and fruit are steamed and processed to the recommended textures according to the different age ranges. Tummies Full of Love meals help introduce flavours, colours, textures and tastes to little ones in a way that moms can still pick their own flavour combinations.

Tummies Full of Love offer four meals ranges. The Tiny Tummy range, for babies from six months onwards, is mostly yellow vegetable and fruit purées. The Explorer Tummy range, from seven months onwards, builds on the previous range by including green vegetables and proteins. The Hungry Tummy range is combination meals that contain a variety of fruits, vegetables, starches and proteins. Tummies Full of Love also offers a Toddler Tummy range that is recommended from the age of 16 months.

Orders are placed via e-mail and need to be collected from area distributors. Alternatively, delivery can be arranged at an additional charge. Contact Marita for more details.

Details: Eldoraigne / 079 514 2584 / www.tummiesfulloflove.com 

Mommies Kitchen

Mommies Kitchen is a baby food business that prepares and delivers healthy meals for babies and toddlers. At Mommies Kitchen, they understand the importance of introducing little ones to real food and a variety of flavours to help them establish healthy, balanced eating habits (and try to not become fussy eaters!). The Mommies Kitchen philosophy is that eating should be fun and yum. Their meals are prepared with love, so that children grow up with a love for good, nutritious food that is packed with flavour.

Mommies Kitchen baby food is available in three stages. Stage one offers a combination of fruit and vegetable purées with spices, such as Rosemary-Infused Pumpkin Mash, Sweet Potato With Cumin and Pears With Ginger. Stage two offers meat, fruit, veg and starch mixes, such as Apple, Raisin And Oat Brekkie, Lamb Potjie, Lentil Stew and Chicken With Sweet Potato And Apple. Stage three offers combination meals such as Butternut And Tomato Pasta, Chicken Korma With Yellow Rice and Cottage Pie.

You can order frozen Mommies Kitchen meals online on a weekly basis, selecting a weekly meal planner of your choice or individual meals. Your order is delivered to your front door. Orders close on Friday mornings at 10:00. Deliveries take place on Wednesdays. Contact Annali for more details.

Details: Lynnwood / 082 921 8599 / http://www.mommieskitchen.co.za/

Baby Tastes

Baby Tastes baby food is a range of easy, nutritious and healthy baby meals that are ideal for babies, tots and moms. Baby Tastes baby food is a reliable, trusted companion when introducing your little munchkin to solids.

With four stages of baby food options, you can easily mix and match to make your own meal combinations. Tweenies is a range of single yellow vegetable purées and Dinkies a range of combined green and yellow vegetable purées. The Frooties range offers a variety of fruit purée combinations. Meaties is a range that combines proteins, starch and veggies.

Baby Tastes baby food is 100% homemade and contains no additives, stabilisers, preservatives, colourants, added sugar or salt. The food is frozen in convenient quantities and can be stored for up to two months. Baby Tastes is based in Midrand but have distributors in Pretoria. Contact Kate or Judy for Pretoria East and Centurion.

Details: Pretoria East / 082 822 9101 / http://babytastes.co.za/

Orchard Baby and Toddler Foods

Orchard Baby and Toddler Foods is a great way to combine the convenience of ready-made meals with homemade peace of mind. Orchard Baby and Toddler Foods are prepared using 100% natural ingredients, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, then fast frozen to naturally preserve the goodness in each jar. No preservatives, additives, artificial flavouring or sugar is added to any Orchard meal. This process ensures a variety of nutritious ready-made meals, bursting with flavour and aroma.

Orchard food is available in conveniently sized glass jars that are easily defrosted and reheated. Orchard Baby and Toddler Foods are available in Baby City outlets in Faerie Glen, Centurion and Zambezi.

Details: 083 680 6021 / http://www.orchardfoods.co.za/

By Jana van der Linde