Meet Ina Swanepoel: Owner Of Boho Boutique Signorina’s

We caught up with creative fabric designer and owner of Signorina’s Boutique, Ina Swanepoel. As the artistic spirit and business brain behind three bespoke boutiques, located in Frederika Centre in Gezina, Brooklyn Mall and The Grove Mall, her mantra is that customers who come to Signorina’s experience the excitement of getting dressed. Here’s what she had to say about her unique clothing and décor boutiques.

What can customers expect when they visit Signorina’s Boutique?

Signorina’s is something completely different. The fashion items at Signorina’s are essentially wearable art. You’ll find plenty of our signature patchwork and printed fabric garments as well as handmade accessories, home décor items and gifts. Artsy, unique and creative are the words that come to mind.

The well-trained Signorina’s staff are there to help you find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Expect excellent customer service and complimentary coffee. Signorina’s also offers an alteration service and can order in-store items in a variety of colours. We also have an online shop and ship countrywide.

What style best describes Signorina’s fashion?

Signorina’s clothing has a Bohemian feel – with a twist. Think mix and match: basic dresses with a variety of throw-overs, patchwork tunics and unique accessories to give you a variety of options. The aim is everyday wear that is uniquely you.

Tell us the story behind Signorina’s.

Signorina’s was established in 1997, out of the sales woman in me. I quickly developed a keen interest in providing my customers with fashion that, rather than being trendy, helps them find their individual look. This turned into a passion of mine and now Signorina’s aim is to be unique and original.

Initially I imported fabric for my designs but since finding enormous inspiration in my creative side, I now design all my fabrics myself and have them manufactured locally in the Signorina’s factory. This ensures that every item is genuinely unique.

What is a your favourite accessory currently available at Signorina’s?

Anything from the Boho Jewellery range is a must-have!

Tell us about Frida Kahlo Market Days and your textile print classes.

Every first Saturday of the month, Signorina’s hosts a Frida Khalo Market Day. This is a celebration of the Mexican artist and her pop culture designs. On Market Days there are lots of Frida-inspired goodies for sale including clothing, cushions, jewellery, pottery, home décor pieces and art. I also print Frida Kahlo designs on items that customers bring in to the boutique on Market Days.

I host textile print classes at Signorina’s on Saturday afternoons. Registration fees include a sling bag or cushion cover on which participants learn the art of textile printing. Textile print class participants also receive a 20% discount on all in-store purchases on the day.

What makes shoppers return to Signorina’s?

There’s no other boutique like Signorina’s – amid a niche style of fashion we always offer something new and exciting to our customers.

Frederika Centre / 012 330 3832 / Open weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00, Saturday until 13:00, market days until 15:00. Brooklyn Mall / 012 346 7076 / Open weekdays from 09:00 to 19:00, weekends from 09:00 to 17:00. The Grove Mall / 012 807 4235 / Open weekdays from 09:00 to 19:00, weekends from 09:00 to 17:00.

By Jana van der Linde