Must-Visit Stores In Menlyn Maine

Central Square in Menlyn Maine is Pretoria’s latest and definitely hottest shopping spot. The open-air piazza design of this vibey centre brings you convenient shopping with an artistic, urban flair. We meandered around the square and put together our pick of must-visit stores. Central Square Menlyn Maine is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm and Sunday from 9am to 6pm.

Menlyn Maine


This truly is a SUPER Spar! Unlike any other branch of this well-known grocery store you ever experienced before, this is quality convenience on a whole new level. The idea underpinning the SuperSpar is a store-within-a-store concept that will attract and charm customers. It boasts a pizza bar, gelato café, sushi counter, a meat and cheese deli, artisan bread station, patisserie section, gourmet meat counter, fruit and smoothie bar as well as a Tree Of Life to welcome you to the store. This branch is inviting, urban and earthy.

Details: 012 348 2204 /

Graffiti Books

Graffiti Books is a quaint bookstore with volumes of character. One of the store’s biggest drawcards is a regular series of “Words & Wine” events, where recognised South African authors release their new books at Graffiti, in person, and enjoy a selection of fine wines while mingling with the local bookworms. Keep an eye on the Graffiti Facebook Page for upcoming events.

Details: 012 348 1835 /

Old Town Italy

In old Italy, a visit to your local grocery store wasn’t a mundane chore but an enjoyable social affair. The butcher readied your cuts just the way he knew you liked it and you were on first-name basis with the baker. Your local grocery store was a place where product knowledge, a heartfelt greeting and sound advice were given unreservedly.

Old Town Italy’s vision was to create a space in Central Square that rekindles those qualities – and they succeeded. With impressive bakery, pastry, cheese, butchery, wine and retail sections, you’re guaranteed a genuine old-school Italian shopping experience. Saluti!

Details: 012 348 2802 /

Menlyn Maine

Play Toys

Play Toys carefully selects each of the skillfully crafted toys on their shelves to ensure these playthings naturally stimulate and inspire young minds. Toys that facilitate and encourage creativity and learning through imaginative play is what Play Toys is all about. With a special affinity for good-quality wooden toys, Play Toys products create a valuable platform for children to enjoy interactive play.

If you’re looking for something that will provide your special little person hours of entertainment, and not just end up gathering dust on a shelf somewhere, pop into Play Toys.

Details: 012 348 4544 /

Incanda Furniture

Incanda is a proudly South African furniture company originally based in Paarl in the Western Cape. The Central Square store is the first outlet of this quality leather and wood furniture business in the Gauteng province.

Incanda has a beautiful range of locally made couches, chairs, beds, headboards, dining tables, bookshelves, wine racks, dressers and ottomans. Different types of leather are used to manufacture these superior items, including kudu, naku, oryx, bovine and buffalo.

If you’re a home décor kind of gal, make sure to add Incanda to your list of must-visit stores in Menlyn Maine.

Details: 0871507095 /

Rene Mariane

Rene Mariane is a European fashion house that brings the catwalk to the sidewalk. This women’s wear boutique mixes classic with contemporary, elegance with leisure and brave with basic. Rene Mariane collections are suited to the sophisticated woman whose sense of adventure is unmistakable.

The Central Square branch is the second Rene Mariane boutique to open in Gauteng, and if you’re a boutique shopper, you will thoroughly enjoy this little fashion gem.

Details: 012 348 4580 /

Menlyn Maine

Wellness Warehouse

Health-conscious peeps are familiar with Wellness Warehouse and its selection of natural and organic products. The Wellness Warehouse in Central Square does the name and ethos of this brand proud. With a wide variety of food, skin and health items – as well as a Wellness Café – this store is your one-stop-shop for healthy shopping in Menlyn Maine.

Details: 012 348 4444 /


Not as much as a must-visit as a must-do, kick off your shoes and get your Bounce on at the indoor trampoline park in Central Square. Bounce is also a good place for the kids to blow off some steam while you get some shopping done. Jump for joy!

Details: 012 942 1117 /

By Jana van der Linde