Unusual Extramurals For Kids

There are certain after-school activities that have become a social standard: ballet, rugby, soccer, piano or swimming, and most South African kiddos have had a lesson or two of these. In a rapidly moving society, we parents have an obligation to (at least try and) keep up with all these changes. We’ve helped you out with this list of not-your-usual after-school activities, which just might give your sprout that unique edge later in life.

Go With The Flow Yoga

The benefits of enrolling your child in a yoga class are extensive. Yoga teaches children about body awareness and how to breathe deeply and fully. Yoga helps improve balance, coordination, flexibility and focus. Yoga is non-competitive and equips your child with meditative strategies to cope with stress.

Go With The Flow Yoga Studio offers Hatha-based yoga classes for children and families, so go on and join your little one in a downward dog – it’s a great way to encourage them to keep at this hugely beneficial activity and also spend some quality time together.

Details: 422 Trevor Gething Street, Faerie Glen / 012 361 6196 / http://gowiththeflow.co.za/

Coding Classes

Learning to code is an invaluable skill in the technology-driven world we live in. Code is the foundation of the computer and online systems used in just about every job industry, and a better understanding of how it works, coupled with some basic skills, can definitely help your child get ahead.

Code College is located a bit out of the surrounding Pretoria area (round up Mom’s taxi!) but it offers meaningful kids' coding courses that are presented part time with two classes per week. Code College offers three kids coding courses from which to choose: 8–10-year-olds, 10–12-year-olds and 12 years and older. The courses are presented in groups of four over a four-week time period.

Details: Woodmead / 011 803 4079 / http://www.codecollege.co.za/

Mounted Archery Lessons

Shatranj Mounted Archery is the first school of its kind in South Africa. Drawing on a combination of horse-riding and archery training, this exciting and adventurous sport is definitely not your ordinary extramural. Shatranj welcomes riders of all ages and experience levels to take up mounted archery. Lessons are two hours long and take place on a smallholding in Bronkhorstspruit.

The Mounted Archery Association of South Africa hosts events and competitions on a regular basis and as your child progresses in this thrilling sport, participation in regional and national events will be possible.

Details: Plot 98, Boschkop, Bronkhorstspruit / 082 309 1651 /


Young Engineers

Young Engineers takes an edutainment approach to teaching children science, mathematics, engineering and technology basics. Using resources such as LEGOS to demonstrate scientific principles, your child learns these important elements in an accessible fashion.

Young Engineers offers a range of age appropriate classes: Big Builders (a tactile-based curriculum for 4–6-year-olds), LEGO Challenge (principles of engineering for 7–8-year-olds), GaliLEGO Technic (an investigation of machinery for 9–10-year-olds) RoboLEGO (a culmination of the previous courses for 11–12-year-olds) and robotics and software engineering (the application of engineering theories for 13–14-year-olds).

Details: Midstream / 012 665 1163 / http://www.youngengineers.co.za/

Tots ‘n Pots Cooking Club

Plenty of life lessons are learnt in the kitchen – this is the inspiration driving the Tots ‘n Pots educational franchise. Cooking and baking provide a fun, creative platform for children to further fine motor development, speech development, perceptual skills, bilateral integration and sequencing skills, through mixing, weighing, mashing, pouring and stirring.

The Tots ‘n Pots cooking club is divided into two programmes. Little Chefs is a baking programme for 3–7-year-old children and class duration is 60 minutes. Little Chefs teaches children about shapes, textures, colours and tastes. The Master Class programme is for children over the age of seven and this is where children learn how to cook a simple but nutritious meal all by themselves.

Details: Pretoria West / 082 903 3367 / http://www.totsnpots.co.za/

Kids Kickboxing

The Kids Kickboxing classes presented by WarriorFit help improve your child’s self-confidence and discipline in a fun, active and safe environment. Kickboxing also improves cardio fitness, flexibility, coordination, strength and concentration. This is a great sporty activity for the child who isn’t really interested in ball sports.

Details: Centurion / http://warriorfit.co.za/warriorfit-obstacle-course-training/pretoria-cardio-kickboxing-classes

Active English

Active English nurtures an appreciation for the English language in a casual, progressive and enjoyable way, to deepen your child’s learning experiences. Active English presents classes that develop a child’s creativity by crafting an atmosphere of risk-taking and positive unpredictability, in turn developing their language skills as they give expression to their creativity.

Active English offer a preschool programme for 3–6-year-olds, a phonovisual programme for children in grade one to three, curriculum-based lessons for fourth to seventh graders, music and movement classes, poetry classes and craft projects.

Details: Pretoria East / 082 496 0404 / http://www.activeenglish.co.za/

By Jana van der Linde