Food & Wine

Five Must-Visit Restaurants in Hatfield and Menlyn

  Head to one of these eateries in Menlyn and Hatfield for delicious food, fantastic drinks and the best company.

Papa’s Real Food

Papa’s Real Food in Duncan Yard has always been a favourite for its eclectic architecture and design in the outside piazza area. The cosy, comfortable space is the ideal ambience for a laid-back pub lunch and drinks with friends. Tuck into a scrumptious and hearty lamb shank, but if you prefer something lighter, choose from an array of café meals: salads, wraps, burgers, fish and chips and a super-tasty chicken and mushroom pie.

Time 4 Wine @ Brooklyn Mall - Champagne

Time 4 Wine was hosted by Con Amore Home Brooklyn Mall. Champagne is a sparkling wine produced from the Champagne region in France. The primary grapes used in the production of Champagne are black Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier but also white Chardonnay.

Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine, It is made from Glera grapes, formerly known also as Prosecco, but other grape varieties may be included. Cava is a spanish sparkling wine. It may be white or rose. The macaque, parellada and xarel.lo are the most popular and traditional grape varieties for producing cava.

Only wines produced in the champagne style may be labelled "cava"; those produced by other processes may only be called "sparkling wines”.

Methode Cap Classique is a South African sparkling wine which is made in the traditional Champagne style from the same grape varieties.

Time 4 Wine @ Brooklyn Mall - Constantia Valley

Time 4 Wine was hosted by Weylandts Brooklyn Mall.

Constantia’s history dates back to 1685 when Governor Simon van der Stel named his property Constantia after the daughter of his benefactor Commissioner van Rheede who granted him a farm here. Governor van der Stel planted orchards and vineyards on the farm thus making Constantia the oldest wine producing region in the Southern Hemisphere with an uninterrupted history of wine making.

Situated 15 kilometres from Cape Town’s city centre, and with the world-renowned Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on its doorstep, the Constantia of today shares its heritage and landscapes of unsurpassed beauty with the locals who have made it their home. The Constantia Valley receives a steady flow of visitors throughout the year who come to enjoy the country lifestyle conveniently located close to all major attractions.

Time 4 Wine @ Capeesh with Glen Carlou

Glen Carlou has built a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading producers. Under the ownership and management of the world-renowned Hess Family, they continue to produce wines of exceptional quality and consistency, growing from strength to strength.

Robbie & Charl from Capeesh made sure the evening was successful with spot on pairings and great service. Thanks guys!

Capital Craft Beer Academy

Capital Craft Beer Academy has so much to offer with 160 craft beers, burgers, ribs & a relaxed atmosphere under the trees in the Greenlyn Village Centre, Menlo Park.

Not sure what to order we started off with a tasting of 6 very different craft beers. Our waiter PJ Waugh impressed us with his extensive knowledge of the different beers available which made this more of an experience. Who knew that beer could be that interesting.

The beers in our tasting are from all over with one very special home grown beer from Silverton, Pretoria.