Tranna: Traditional Indian Cuisine

For scrummy, old-fashioned Indian meals, Tranna is the place to go...

If you're a massive fan of delicious curries and Indian cuisine (or, like us, have cravings for butter chicken), then a visit to the small Parkview branch of this Oriental diner should be on your restaurant bucket list.

The interior is low-key and casual but don’t be fooled: the dishes on the menu are bursting with flavour, and, upon request, have a proper spice kick. And as they use only the best ingredients like fresh spices and herbs, the A-grade meat and the freshest vegetables, every dish is simply sublime.

They offer a range of dishes - curries, Tandoori and Punjabi - including the always popular lamb korma and chicken makshnie. And of course, there's always soups, samoosas and a variety of breads to start the meal. The naan bread served at Tranna is likely some of the best in the city. This generous-sized flatbread is prepared fresh with either butter, garlic or cheese and makes going back to this little restaurant worthwhile every time. You know the food is excellent when they boast a few Best Indian Restaurant in Pretoria awards...


Address: Parkview Shopping Centre, Pretoria East

Tel: 012 993 1508