Pub-Grub at The Brew Monkey

If you’re looking for a quirky meal, laid-back atmosphere and a laugh, you should swing by The Brew Monkey.

As you escape the Time Square Casino floor and make your way into The Brew Monkey, you’ll be greeted with a chilled pub vibe. The ‘Brew’ in the title is not for naught – the décor is a testament to that. You’ll find beer kegs and coasters adorning the walls, along with all sorts of beer-related paraphernalia (or ‘beeraphernalia’, if you will). The exposed copper-coloured ventilation pipe decor and wooden walls add to the overall laid-back, brew-pub feel. You’ll also find huge TV screens behind the bar – perfect for those big sporting occasions.

If you enjoy puns (or just enjoy griping about them) The Brew Monkey won’t disappoint. Cheeky puns, like ‘brewhemian hopsody’ and ‘barley legal’, adorn the walls and the waitrons' uniforms. These are good for a laugh… or maybe a cringe.

They keep the music upbeat and happy – and it meshes well with the patrons who seat themselves there, be it families, couples or friends out for a drink after work. The atmosphere feels pumped and the foot traffic is regular. The menu is made up of delicious artisanal pub fare; you’ll find baskets, burgers, hot dogs, wings and the likes on the menu. These items range from reasonably priced to (perhaps) partially expensive – but you’re bound to find something tasty that’ll suit your pocket – and palate.

Now, we weren’t sure what to expect service-wise after reading some online reviews, and to be honest, we weren’t holding out much hope… But we were pleasantly surprised. The service was quick, friendly, and personal. The craft beers were served ice cold, and the food warm and flavourful. The classic-with-a-twist pub food looks, and tastes, good. We also couldn't help but notice that our fellow patrons seemed to enjoy chowing down on the Wednesday all-you-can-eat ribs.

Dinner at the Brew Monkey turned out to be an interesting experience – it's nice to find such a laid-back and cheeky restaurant huddled in the depths of Time Square Casino. This restaurant can be easy to miss over the glitz and glam of slot machines and bright lights, but take a moment to track it down and perhaps you’ll enjoy your very own quirky dining experience.


Where: Time Square Casino, Pretoria. More info:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 012 003 6164 Operating hours: Mon: Closed / Tue - Fri: 17h00 – 00h00 / Sat - Sun: 12h00 - 00h00

By Tilana De Wachter