The Top Craft Beer Hopping Hangouts In Pretoria

Yes, we've earned the right to write this article. Our judgement can be trusted in many aspects but when it comes to the top spots to enjoy craft beer, we pride ourselves in knowing which direction you should head.

Beerhaus Bavaria

You have not experienced craft beer variety until you've had a tipple or three at Beerhaus Bavaria in Pretoria East. We're talking rare imports of German wheat beers, local best sellers (such as F*kof Lager and Mad Giant), and berrie brews crafted specifically for the ladies. But the buck does not stop there. Fancy a round of craft beer pong? Beerhaus Bavaria has you sorted, no sweat. But how's the pub grub? We kid you not, this joint serves up traditional German food (it is called Beerhaus BAVARIA, after all) in a manner that will give old David Higgs a run for his money. The vibe at this beer house is what you're looking for. Also, Beerhaus Bavaria is one of the few places outside of Ferreirasdorp that you can buy Mad Giant craft beer.


Blos Cafe

Recently settling in at their new location, Blos Cafe is evolved into the kind of place you want to sit down for an afternoon pub lunch with a difference. Before we dive behind the bar counter, let's tell you about the sustainability programme Blos Cafe is running. These smart guys and gals have turned their food wastage into an active compost heap with a little machine we like to call a "compost compactor" (this is not the real name but it sounds pretty cool, so let's roll with it). So, all of their potato peels, celery stalks and so on are tossed into a machine that churns out fresh compost, which is then used in their Blos Cafe's veggie garden. Nifty and thrifty, as they say. Anyway. Blos Cafe is one of the few places you can get your hands (or lips for that matter) on a bottle of Zeppelin Stout. Keep an eye on their website for updates on beer tastings – Blos Cafe recently did one with CBC which went down well (excuse the pun). The eatery also boasts an almost complete range of Mitchell's Brewing beers.


Lucky Rodrigo

Looks like Lynnwood is the place to be if you're looking for a satisfying cold one. Lucky Rodrigo is your hipster hook-up when it comes to small-batch handcrafted suds. In fact, this place is so cool that they serve Jack Black's infamous Lumber Jack IPA on tap. The kegs are super-chilled, ensuring a fresh pour every time. Lucky Rodrigo is one of the few places that serves all-day breakfast. So if you wake up at the crack of dusk and feel like having a farmhouse breakfast with a good lager, then this is the place for you. Oh, and don't forget to burn that Instagram account of yours to the ground with a couple of red-hot snaps of this lekker place.


Baraćas Wine And Beer Bar

The name says it all – it's got the words "beer" and "bar" next to each other so you know it's going to be good. Let's take a second to appreciate the fact that we as a nation own a collective tongue sophisticated enough to be able to brew some of the best beer in the world (Devil's Peek, we're looking at you, you sexy thing). Speaking of Devil's Peek, Baraćas is the place to enjoy SA's top brewer on tap. We highly recommend the King's Blockhouse IPA – it's so smooth you can mix it with your oatmeal in the morning.


Capital Craft

We can't write an article about craft beer hopping in P-Town without mentioning Capital Craft in Menlopark, right? Right. Well, it's the kind of place you go to to enjoy a good burger with a great craft beer. Their mission is to support the South African craft beer craze to the fullest of their ability – and they're doing a stellar job at it. You can expect the usual suspects such as Aces, Brewdogs, Redrock and many more.


By Shawn Greyling