Die Vurk: A Deliciously Simple Budget-Friendly Bite Out


When the cash flow is low and you’re definitely not in the mood to cook, don’t despair! Make your way across the paved walkways of Irene Village Mall to a delightful little hole-in-the-wall called Die Vurk. You, your taste buds and your wallet will love it.

Die Vurk is a tiny eatery-bakery in Irene Village Mall that serves artisanal, no-fuss light meals and pretty good coffee.

One of the best things about Die Vurk, aside from respectable coffee and affordable eats, is that it feels more like a friendly hangout than a daytime restaurant. The outdoor, bench-style seating, coupled with the earthy décor, creates a quaint and comfy street café vibe. Add the sound of the Village Mall fountains and the view of tree-lined shopping streets and you’ve got a pretty great setting for a budget bite out.

If you’re an early riser, Die Vurk’s breakfast menu includes a selection of sweet and savoury French toast, omelettes and a sticky peanut butter and syrup toast option. The lunch and supper menu is a hearty selection of traditional comfort food dishes and snacks like melkkos, vetkoek, curry and rice, jaffles, waffles, pies, pancakes, quiches, doughnuts and a delectable cake buffet. All freshly baked and available all day.

Die Vurk’s curry and rice is great value for money – a substantial serving of winter warmer food for R40. The mince and cheese jaffles are juicy and served with a generous portion of chips for R45. It’s no fine-dining-looking dish but genuinely enjoyable and good value for money. If you’re on a tight budget and need a vegetarian option, the traditional melkkos is fairly filling and a great bargain at R25. This can be ordered sugar-free as well. Healthy, hey?

The beverage menu includes a broad selection of coffees and gourmet milkshakes that are, in true hipster style, served in a jar. The gourmet peanut butter brittle milkshake is one of the most popular flavours and downright decadent. The condensed milk coffee is a local favourite and rightfully so: a single espresso served with condensed milk on the side.

If a super-sweet coffee doesn’t suffice as dessert, try the crunchy deep-fried waffles. Yes, you read correctly. Deep. Fried. Waffles. Served with a lavish blob of ice cream, these square waffles are unpretentious and absolutely delicious. A large enough portion to serve as a to-share, this is a budget-savvy and delectable dessert order.

Die Vurk owners, Anina and Melanie, are passionate about good, wholesome food, and as fervent Banting enthusiasts, it’s no surprise then that plenty of the menu items have a distinct Banting tinge. Die Vurk is open Monday to Thursday from 09:00 to 19:00, Friday until 20:00, Saturday until 18:00 and Sunday until 17:00. There’s only outdoor seating so if the weather is chilly take a jacket or opt for a seat next to one of the cosy gas heaters.

Details: 082 463 2288 / https://www.facebook.com/Www.dievurk.co.za/

Curry and Rice – R40 Mince and Cheese Jaffle with Chips – R 45 Melkkos – R25 Peanut Brittle Milkshake – R45 Condensed Milk Coffee – R30 Deep Fried Waffle – R50

By Jana van der Linde