Italian Restaurants In The City

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Italian food? Pizza and pasta right? Most certainly. And if you’re a traditionally-made Italian food lover, the thought of a thick base pizza or overcooked pasta is simply taboo. We get it and we can relate.

Above and beyond the pasta and the pizza some of the most used ingredients in Italian food include; tomatoes, pesto, all kinds of cheese, fish, chicken, and a variety of meat. However, meat or no meat, the flavours that burst through in the food are beautiful. Just think of Julia Roberts’ face in Eat Pray Love when she bites into her food while in Italy. Yes, it’s that good.

But maybe you’re still not convinced - why do people love Italian food so much? Traditionally, Italian dishes require fresh ingredients to acquire that delicious and satisfying taste you look for when diving into any meal. Fresh ingredients mean there is no processed food aftertaste and more importantly, when the ingredients used are fresh and organic, it’s all the more healthier for you. When you visit an orthodox Italian restaurant where the pasta is made fresh as well, you can definitely taste and appreciate the difference and quality of this devine cuisine.

Some of the long time favourite dishes for many, and definite must-trys, include margherita pizza, pasta carbonara, risotto, ravioli, prosciutto, and gnocchi. For dessert try tiramisu or gelato. Now you’re probably wondering where to go to try all these delicious sounding meals? Don’t worry your hungry self and have a look at the list below.

Our Picks Capeesh Cherry Lane Centre, Fehrsen St, Pretoria/ +27 (012) 346 1932/

Alfie’s Italian Café 11 Hazelwood Rd, Pretoria / +27 (012) 346 7873/

Villa San Giovanni Wonderboom Airport Main Terminal building, linvelt road, Pretoria/ +27 (012) 543 0501/

Piccola Italia 16 Monument Park Shopping Centre, Skilpad Street, Monument Park, Pretoria/ +27 (012) 460 0836/

LeSi Restaurant 5 Darlington Rd, Pretoria/ +27 (012) 348 8820/

Al Dente Ristorante & Pizzeria 8A, Waterkloof Heights Centre, 103, Club Ave, Pretoria/ +27 (012) 460 9686/

Panarottis 324/325, Wonderpark, Heinrich Ave, Pretoria/ +27 (012) 549 0194/

Col’Cacchio 30, Brooklyn Mall, Veale St & Veale Street, Pretoria/ +27 (012) 346 7048/

Ritrovo Ristorante 103 Club Avenue, Waterkloof Heights, Pretoria/ +27 (012) 460 5173/

Caraffa 46 Selati Street, Corner Garsfontein Road, Alphen Park, Pretoria/ +27 (012) 346 3181/