Don’t Miss Emerald Resort & Casino’s Winter Highlights


Need a midweek break this winter? Then why not plan a family getaway at Emerald Resort & Casino – they have fantastic winter highlights that you don’t want to miss, including a new edition of their One Night Concert series, accommodation deals that are a steal and plenty of entertainment around every corner. 

The Action-Packed Nitro Circus Is Returning This October

If you haven't heard yet, Nitro Circus will be returning to South Africa with a brand-new show that's bigger and better than ever before! And for the first time in South Africa, the brave American stuntman Travis Pastrana will be featured in the show. Plus, we giving away double tickets to five lucky readers. To find out how to enter, keep reading.

Nelson Mandela Attractions Around South Africa

Since Mandela Day is just around the corner, we cannot help but admire and visit the monuments, buildings, museums, bridges, statues and exhibitions that celebrate the late Madiba. So, if you're wondering what to do after you have done your 67 minutes, why not head to one of these attractions around South Africa and pay your respects to this inspirational and influential leader.